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I'm Katie and I've been on 21479 diets in my lifetime.


Okay, so while that might be a slight exaggeration, dieting and the obsession with changing my body physically have been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. There wasn't a time I wasn't thinking about my weight, the foods I was eating and constantly comparing myself to the girls I wasn't. And let me tell you, that was exhausting! I was never skinny or pretty enough and I wasn't happy with who I was. And to top it off, I was constantly pretending that wasn't the case to those around me. 

I can pinpoint very specific moments throughout high school where I was asked about my weight and my immediate reaction was always to lie; to make myself seem smaller. I'd walk around constantly sucking in to have the flattest stomach and was always comparing myself to those around me - was I the "biggest" in the group?  

College hit me hard and fast. I moved to Hawaii, where it was cheaper as a college student to eat out instead of grocery shop and I no longer had sports to keep me active. I quickly gained 20 pounds, making me even more aware of my weight. And in comes my obsession with dieting. Like so many of us, I spent the next few years constantly falling victim to every diet fad you can imagine. ANYTHING to get rid of this extra weight. But nothing worked and each time I "failed" my relationship with myself and my body image only got worse.


A few more years of eliminating carbs, tracking macros, and excessive cardio - I was finally ready to get "healthy". I started learning more about nutrition and exploring different types of exercise. I loved focusing on my body and becoming my most healthy self.  The only problem? That wasn't really the case at all. What looked like a girl who loved taking care of her health was really me battling disordered eating and my mind constantly consumed with "health and wellness". My only desire was to change what my body looked like. The hardest part? I was constantly being praised for my willpower and ability to say no to unhealthy options.


Thankfully one day it finally hit me. It wasn't the diets that I needed to focus on, it was myself and my health that desperately needed attention. I started to shift my focus away from my physical appearance and instead on what was fueling my body and mind.

Fast forward to today and I now live for a life of balance, happiness and lots of fun!

And along the way I became a certified Holistic Health Coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. Because as much as I love the healthy life I'm creating for myself, I've realized how passionate I am about helping others to do the same.


I want to push the boundaries on what's considered "the norm" in the health and wellness industry we currently experience. To enable women and girls to be advocates for their own health and feel confident in their bodies.

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