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Hey girl, 

I'm Katie!

I'm a Holistic Health Coach passionate about helping YOU become the healthiest version of yourself - without restrictive diets, living in the gym and giving up your social life... because honestly, who actually wants to give up a good slice of pizza or warm chocolate chip cookies?!

Okay,so now I'm sure you're wondering...

What is a
Health Coach??

A Health Coach is a person who acts as a guide, mentor and support system during a client's health transformation. While this usually includes a deep-dive into nutrition, health is all-encompassing including every aspect of our lives; such as movement, sleep, relationships, careers, etc .

Health looks different on everyone! So the goal of a Health Coach is to help guide and empower you in discovering what health looks like for you and how you can get there in a realistic and sustainable way for long-term health.





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